Outreach ministry

With our dedicated and committed teams, we go out to the streets and slums to meet these children and give them support they need to get off the streets. We do counseling and guidance to these broken souls and at the end they feel a sense of belonging. This programme is aimed at reducing stress, instilling morals, building courage and restoring hope in them.

Education sponsorship

We believe all children have the right to education, food, shelter, basic healthcare, respect, and love. Since our organization is a registered NGO, we are ineligible to receive any government funding. In order to meet budget demands, we fundraise school fees for these vulnerable groups each term such that they are able to get education an important key for success.

Our current plan is to identify vocational institutes where we can send those that are unable to join primary schools because of their age. This program will create an enabling environment for them especially in the field of job creation. With this well thought idea, the current street children will be in position in the future to earn a living on their own. Remember our intention is to both get street children from streets and devising means of discouraging them not to go back.

Re-uniting and connecting families:

We believe wholeheartedly that every child should have a loving family. No child should be left as an orphan, forgotten, lonely, neglected, and abandoned. We reunite street children with their families and also get foster parents for those that are completely without parents.

We have seen first-hand what life is like for street children, and we have also seen first-hand what life is like when an orphan or a street child is given a loving forever family.

Foster Care:

This is a programme where we identify street children and link them with foster families .This is improving lives of many children. Davis and Maria are foster parents to Julius currently living in Gulu district. They have this to say; while we thought we would be a blessing to Julius, it turns out that he is much more of a blessing to us than we could have ever been to him. Julius brought more joy to our family and our hearts in seven short months than we ever thought possible. We want every family to experience the joy of adoption, and we want every street child to experience the joy of a family.

Health care

We provide health care, lessons and HIV/AIDS testing.

We fight drug addiction among the street children.

While on the streets these children learn different habits like sniffing petrol, smoking among others. We use a right based approach to teach them the harmfulness of using these drugs and the likelihood effects especially on their lives

Literacy classes

Its difficult to remove a child who has stayed on street for more than year and just enroll him to school, he will get difficulties to cope up with his fellow children who have been at school. So literacy classes help these children a lot to set their mind for school.

Follow up Support

Follow up support on children who have been taken back to stay with their families.

Teaching the communities on how to prevent child abuse.

Through these teachings we teach people on how to respect children’s rights and stop child abuse because abuse of children’s rights is among the reasons why some children end up living on the streets.