You can help us make a lasting difference in the lives of these children by sponsoring a child at 30 USD a month. With this money, you will ensure a child gets an education and all the necessary tools for school such as; books, pens, pencils all experienced in a safe environment.Sponsorship


How long will I have to sponsor a child?

Sponsorship is done voluntarily. At any point or whatever reason you may request to end your sponsorship.

Can I visit the child I sponsor?

Of course you can visit, we love sponsors to visit the children they support as this will give you a clear picture of how your support is making a difference.

Will I be kept updated on how my child is doing?

Our aim is always to keep our supporters updated. Ugandan schools have three terms a year; first, second and third term. At the end of each term we receive a school report and we always pass them on to sponsors, so they can see how his or her child is progressing in school.