Richard Children’s Rehabilitation Centre (RCRC) is a Christian organization which is fully registered as a non-governmental organization with the national NGO bureau in the Ministry of Internal Affairs as Reg. No. 5914/11115, located in Uganda.

RCRC is dedicated to taking care of street children and at-risk slum children .Our aim is to empower and educate highly vulnerable children who are experiencing real life difficulties.


We are dedicated to the rescue street children and at-risk slum children, rehabilitate them holistically, mentally and physically. After some time we find the child’s extended families, empower them with skills and re-unite them.
Beyond this we invest in prevention of street children, this means fighting poverty of all kinds in communities is at the heart of RCRC


  • Enhance socially and economically the general welfare of vulnerable children in Uganda Africa.


  • A country where no child lives on the street.


Our values are the backbone of our success, they express what RCRC believes in and how we behave. They are more than words, and they drive us!


We believe we need to listen and hear the value in everyone’s ideas and appreciate all contributions and abilities.


We are committed to accountability .we use internal controls to ensure that every Ugandan shilling is spent with integrity and effectively supports our work of transforming the lives of vulnerable children and communities.


We aim to make RCRC self-sustainable through establishing social enterprises.


We are open to partner with any other organization, church, businesses that love to do something to transform the lives of vulnerable children.


Founding statement
RCRC was founded by Richard Ssekiyaga in 2011, who used his own life experience to take steps to help others. His mother and father separated and Richard’s father took care of him the best he could. Sadly though at the early age of 5, his father passed away. As a result he ended up on the streets of the Kampala slums. With the help of many people in his life, Richard was able to rise up, get an education and is now living a successful life.

Keenly aware of the hardships street children face, he wanted to do something to help them and so RCRC was born.